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Yuletide 2016: Dear Writer...

Sorry about the delay! I'm in the midst of a whole long of personal nonsense and thought I had a couple more days until assignments came out. I feel awful about slacking. Anyway!

Thank you so much for writing for me! I will almost certainly love anything you write for me. Feel free to do your own thing. I'm going to outline some likes and dislikes. I'm going to include options for kiny stuff, but feel free to ignore that! I'm going to include gen and porn prompts for every fandom. Feel free to do one or the other or neither or both.

Likes: Fics that are IC and fit neatly into a canon timeline, hurt/comfort, happy/optamistic endings, plot over character studies, famlies of choice

Kinky Likes: kink in a plotty fic, pegging, bdsm, femdom, noncon, torture, spanking, humiliation, rough sex, consensual/fluffy aftercare

Dislikes: slice of life fic, issuefic, second person/present tense POV

Kinky Dislikes: PIV sex, women being hurt/on the recieving end of some of the darker kinks I listed, sounding


Until Dawn
Josh Washington

I have so many conflicting feelings about this game. I enjoyed it a whole lot, but that ending nearly ruined it for me. I hate where the writers left Josh. (figuratively and literally) It just didn't feel right. Poor dude had been through enough. He was struggling with a misdiagnosed  mental illness already, his sisters died because of a prank his friends played, he makes a monumentally bad series of  decisions, regrets it, and cracks completely. And, towards the end there, he really feels stripped of any sort of agency even. I wanted to see him getting help at the end, not... ya know. What we got.

I'd really like some post-game fic where Josh gets... I dunno. Like a wendigo exorcism?  Reintigrated into society wendigo and all? Something? I'd love to see his friends support him, bridges tentatively mended, ect. Just help the poor boy in some fashion.

Optional Kink Prompt: Please no sexual stuff immediately following the events of the game. I'd be pretty uncomfortable with that. Josh really didn't seem like he was in a good place for that sort of thing. I'd be completely open to something in the future, when he's doing better. Maybe in a relationship. Obviously, he'll always have issues. I don't mind exploring some of his lingering problems. Please only fluff for this one. Poor dude has been through enough. As far as ships go, I'm only partial to Sam/Josh. I could totally go for some femdom, pegging, or working through issues with bdsm.

Simon Jarrett

Fix it. Please fix it. OMFG, this game upset me. I'd really, really like something with Simons 2 and/or 3 finding meaning in their life on a post-apocalyptic Earth. I really hated the way the game left them, like they "lost the coin toss" and, since they weren't on the ARK, their lives were unimportant. I hate the idea that they "lost." They are what they are, and I want them to find happiness. In my playthrough, I didn't kill any of the robots I could avoid killing. I'd love to see Simon(s) interacting/building some sort of life with them. Maybe they try to start a society and find some semblance of normalcy. Maybe the Simons go out adventuring, looking for other pockets of humanity. (I don't buy that the people under the sea were the last ones alive. They can't possibly know that.) Maybe robots inherit the Earth. Go wild.

Optional Kink Prompt: Simon/Simon. I'm a simple woman with simple likes, and I like selfcest. It doesn't even have to be kinky. I'd be happy with awkward fluff. No dark kinks for this one either. They super deserve a break.

Dead Ringers (1988)
Beverly Mantle
Elliot Mantle

Oh, man. I don't even know what to say with this one. Feel free to ignore some of my likes/dislikes on this one. I wouldn't mind a character study or an AU here. I'd love to see more of their relationship and bond and just the creeping, sinister codependency of it all. Body horror is optional.

Optional Kink Prompt: Creepy, codependent twincest. Feel free to get dark with it. A threesome like the one teased in the movie would also be completely acceptable.


This is another one you can go wild on. I'd love seeing ANYTHING exploring the lives of the characters I nominated. i.e. Lisa Park, Waylon Park, Eddie Gluskin, the Twins. How's Waylon post game. How did the Twins or Eddie come to Mount Massive? What were their lives like there as the whole place descended into madness? I'd even be cool with an AU where Waylon didn't escape and Lisa had to venture into that nightmarish place to save him.

This is another one where I don't mind canon divergence or an unhappy or bleak ending. Just don't, ya know, fridge Lisa or anything.

Optional Kink Prompt: Oh, man. Just go for it. I'm cool with any combination of these characters. Though if you go the Eddie/Waylon route I would really like it if you could stay away from anything remotely fluffy. I don't mind the narrative or even Waylon having some sympathy for Eddie, but yeah. Keep it on the creepy or badwrong side, if you don't mind. Though, I wouldn't mind some... er... creepy romance between variants or a variant!Waylon. Twincest is A-OK. If you wanna fit Lisa in somehow, you're a ridiculously creative individual. Congratulations and by all means, go right on ahead with that.


OK, let's face it. I'm not matching with anyone on this. If you are curious about the show, here is my big playlist o' Lexx reccing vids. If you love sci-fi and B movies, the miniseries and first few episodes (at the very least) are ABSOLUTELY worth watching. My favorite is Eating Pattern. I just can't rec it enough, tbh.

I'd take ANYTHING for this fandom. I'd love Xev, Kai, and Stan all being close, caring about each other, ect. I would also ADORE some Giggerota backstory. I love her so much. I'd also love some Xev, Kai, and Stan all meeting in another life. I ship them as an Ot3, but I'm also very partial to Xev/Kai.

Optional Kink Prompt: Ot3 porn of Xev/Kai/Stan would just rock my world. I could also go for some dark Giggerota/Stan, tbh.

Dark Souls III
Lorian and Lothric

I only beat this once, but these two really stood out to me. I'd really just love to see something with their lore. Expand on it, pad it out, do your own take on it, ect. Tell it like a dark fairy tale, do something sweeping and epic with it, just write out a scene from it. Whatever you like, just something exploring these two.

Optional Kink Prompt: Twincest again. I'm predictable. You don't even have to include porn. I'd love to see their relationship explored more, how devoted they are to one another and only one another, ect.

Aaand, I think that's it! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them my way. I hope you enjoy writing and have an exceptionally happy Yuletide!
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Yuletide 2015 Letter

If you're reading this, assignments have gone out. Apologies for the delay, dear sweet writer. I'm getting married on the 30th and taking a very short honeymoon right after. You can expect a letter November 2nd or 3rd. Sorry again! I, normally, have a letter written well ahead of time. I hate to harsh anyone's Yuletide hype right out of the gate.

I'm back! And exhausted. Had a great time, but now back to the important things in life. Yuletide! On with the letter...

Dearest Yuletide Writer,

Sorry for the delay, and thank you for writing for me! I try to include plenty of options when it comes to prompts. I want you to be able to write something you'll enjoy writing. Don't force yourself to bang out 1000 words of something you hate on my account. Assuming not much has changed since last Yuletide, don't hesitate to shoot me a question through the admins if nothing speaks to you/you're unclear on something/ect.

I'm not terribly picky. I only ask that you stay away from my dislikes.

Fic that's IC and fits into canon somehow. I.E. I could fit it neatly into the timeline without too much suspension of belief.

Hurt/Comfort. I'm a sucker for h/c and whump. I'm totally one of those people who loves a character while, simultaneously, wanting to see them suffering... as long as they make it out alive and there's comfort in there. I prefer physical h/c with my emotional h/c rather than just emotional h/c by itself. Seriously, I enjoy me some hurt. Don't be afraid to get really self indulgent on the hurt front.

The focus placed on characters moving the story. I love plot! Plot, plot, plot. While I, normally, adore world building- I'm already familiar with the worlds of the canon. I prefer the focus to be on the characters. That said, don't be afraid to explore and explain the universe. Just, please, put the main focus on the characters.

Happy/optimistic endings are usually my fav. I'm also a fan of bittersweet endings, if it suits the story. Dark fic is completely welcome. I LOVE dark fic, I just enjoy a touch of light at the end. Before that, things can get as dark as you please.

Choosing your family. I love characters deciding when to cut people off and/or choosing their own family from people who genuinely care about them.

Fics stuck inside of a character's head. Character study is good as long as it involves plot. I prefer that action moves the plot and that there's more showing than telling.

Issuefic. I like fiction that subverts negative tropes as long as it's done in a straightforward way... If that makes sense. Don't make the fic an essay on an issue or go out of your way to have the characters run into the issue. Just deal with it in a way organic to the story and move on.

Second person or present tense. I'm not a fan. I'm not a huge fan of first person either.

Slice of life fics

I'm uncomfortable with suicide. I have entirely too much of it in my immediate, extended family, and personal history. I'm not sure I'd call it an absolute trigger, but it does frighten and make me super uncomfortable. Exception on the Rick and Morty front. I'll talk about that in its prompt, though.

Kinky likes will be at the bottom if you're here to write porn.


Sans, Papyrus

I requested Sans and Papyrus. I decided they were who I most wanted to see more of. I was sorely torn, though. I love all the characters so much, and Undyne is like fav of favs, suplexing fish Queen of my dreams. I ship her with Alphys soo hard. Buuut, I'm entirely too curious about the bone bros.

Where do they come from? They say they just showed up in Snowden, and we know there's more to Sans than meets the eye. Is he a time travler? Is he a scientist that worked with Gaster? If so, does he remember Gaster? Was Gaster his and Papyrus' dad? A lover? (Pick one if you like, not... not, uh, both.) Are Papyrus and Sans what became of Gaster when he fell into the Core? I love a lot of the theories I see going around.

I'm really interested in exploring how much they both know. Papyrus is such a cinnamon roll. I love how tirelessly supportive of him Sans is. I'd love to see an exploration of that in fic. Does Papyrus support Sans in more ways that just being Universal Cinnamon Roll Papyrus? I can't imagine him being mean, but I can imagine him being oblivious. i.e. Sans working countless jobs and paying the rent while trying to keep their timeline in check/doing who knows what else while Papyrus still calls him/assumes he's lazy.

How does knowledge of timelines and teleportation/time travel work for Sans? He seems to have a somewhat limited knowledge of saves and resets. A No Mercy run means changing everything forever is a negative way. Is he aware a stretch of time in their universe is a video game?  Are all playthroughs of the game everywhere part of the same universe? Does he keep coming back to that stretch of time in, like, a Groundhog Day type scenario? It seems like he remembers bits and pieces. How? Via interdimensional boxes? His lab? Contact with the "nonexistent" Gaster?

Does Papyrus remember all this too? Yes? No? Yes, but Sans tries to protect him from it? How much does Papyrus know about his brother? Does Sans really bleed? Why? What's up with his powers? What's up with the Gaster Blasters? I need answers! As far as vehicles for these answers go...

I'd be interested to see fic that explores the brothers' past and/or origins. Papyrus' repeated and inevitable No Mercy/Mixed run death early on and before Sans breaks my heart. I'd like to think Sans has tried to save him before. I get a sense of existential exhaustion from Sans that I'm really interested in. ("I can't afford not to care anymore.") His room/demeanor give me some serious depression vibes, and I'm a sucker for sad clowns in fiction.

Again, I enjoy most fan theories and aus. I would enjoy something involving Gaster's role in the lives of the brothers. Speaking of Gaster, I enjoy Gasterblaster!Sans that's been popping up a lot in fics and artwork. As long as it could conceivably fit into canon, feel free to use off the wall theories or even make your own to explain things.

Also feel free to include any characters other than one or both of the brothers. I love ALL of them. I don't really officially ship anyone besides Undyne and Alphys. When it comes to Frisk I'd prefer gender neutral pronouns - given how they're referred to in canon.

Rick and Morty:
Morty Smith

I LOVE this show. I requested Morty, because I'm just so invested in his character arc. I love how he's gone from spineless to assertive to downright homicidal. I love how he's rubbed off on Rick and how Rick has rubbed off on him.

All the stuff with the One True Morty, evil!Morty, ect has me interested to see how he develops in other universes. I'm pretty latched onto the idea that Morty isn't Rick's original Morty. I would love to see what has happened with other Mortys and what happened with Rick's original Morty. I would love to see Morty's reaction to all of this.

I only requested Morty, but other characters are welcome as long as Morty is the focus. Probably a given, but I wouldn't mind seeing Rick in the story. I am such a sucker for Rick caring about Morty. As with Undertale, I get a sense of existential exhaustion, and would enjoy an exploration of how Rick and Morty deal with it in entirely different ways.

Obviously, depression, substance abuse, and suicide have all been themes in the show. Let's just say, I really relate to Beth. If you feel comfortable with the subject matter, I don't mind you exploring these themes or even mining dark humor from them like the show does. I find the way the show deals with those themes satisfying and unexpectedly therapeutic. If you're uncomfortable or not confident writing about it, kindly just glance over it.

I wouldn't say no to something in the style of a 5 times fic with various Mortys. A fic where Morty is put into another difficult situation because of Rick and is forced to reevaluate things. Something exploring themes of functional codependency might be good. There's a lot I would love to see. I'd love a character study with a plot.


Let's face it, I was the only one to nominate, request, and offer this fandom. You're not here for it unless you're a treat writer... In which case: *high five* You're a saint with excellent taste in campy science fiction shows.

Lexx is one of my favorite shows of all time. I first watched it as a kid, and it likely had a big impact on my tastes and preferences. I love how shamelessly and disgustingly sexual it is. I love how the sex compliments the who biopunk look and feel of the show. I love the fantastic plot and worldbuilding beneath it all. It's so underrated.

If you're passing through and are curious - oh, look, I dropped a playlist of fanvids and clips. Give it a skip if you're not a fan of purposely campy, humerously grimdark scifi. Likewise, you should almost certainly give it a skip if you have many sex related triggers. That said, I adore it and (because there was never a time when the effects were good) love the way it's aged. Definitely, not a show for everyone, though.

So, prompts on the chance in a million someone remembers this show and wants to write fic for it-

I would love something during the show with the main three in the crew. And by "something" I mean, an awkward Xev/Stan/Kai threesome out of boredom.

They're horribly flawed people and I just adore their friendship on the show. Xev and Stan are sluts unlucky in love. Kai is dead and insistent he doesn't have emotions. (Though, he clearly seems to feel - at least dimly, these nonexistent emotions on occasion.)

I do ship Xev and Kai. I would appreciate seeing Stan there as a friends with benefits type deal. I'm really a fan of Xev and Stan's friendship. I imagine I would really adore some emotional h/c here, because I'd like to see them have a serious heart to heart.

Xev wasn't always a love slave. Once she was unloved and living in a box. Stan is the first friend she's ever had. He doesn't do it for her sexually, but that doesn't change that she cares about him and his well being as well as Kai.

Stan has a dark past, too - what with being an accidental traitor. I also appreciate that the actor played the whole rape thing pretty depressingly straight, even when it veered dangerously into male rape as a joke territory. Speaking of almost progressive/more product-of-its-time plotlines Lexx tried but sort of fumbled - I think Nook went un-aired, but I really appreciated and would like to see more with Stan exploring bisexuality.

And then Kai can be there in whatever capacity you'd like him to be there. He can be temporarily human or dead and humoring Xev.

Feel free to include any other characters. I also nominated Prince and absolutely ADORE Giggerota. Also feel free to skip out on the sex entirely if that's something you don't enjoy writing. I would love and be endlessly appreciative of anything in this fandom.

Kinky Likes/Dislikes:
Feel free to skip![Spoiler (click to open)]

I enjoy dominate women and submissive men. I dislike men dominating women.

Love pegging and bondage

I enjoy dark things like sexual violence and noncon.

Do like, plot with my porn but am perfectly capable of enjoying PWP.

I love rough sex between friends and/or lovers, but I prefer that to veer closer to what would be expected from a decent person in real life. i.e. ground rules are laid out, aftercare, ect.

Tentacle drama! Yay! Sure!

PIV sex, boo. No, thanks. Though fingers and/or cunnilingus is welcome

Adult sibling incest in a dark, unhealthy/taboo light: Yes

Anything underage/underage incest/incest involing different generations (ex. parent/kid): huge squick/possible trigger/definite NO, please

Selfcest: Yes and thank you

Fandom specific kink stuff:

Undertale: Um. Sure? I'm fascinated by Undertail stuff. I'm not a fan of the lava lamp dicks, but I'm really entertained by some of the stuff I've been seeing. I do have an Undertale tag on my not so super secret, shameful tumblr o' porn I don't wanna post to my main. You're welcome to take a look, just be warned that that blog is mostly a dumping ground for gross old man!incest. IF ANY OF MY LIKES LOOK LIKE POTENTIAL TRIGGERS, PLEASE BE SAFE AND DON'T CLICK. Link to relevant tag here.

Other characters are welcome. No underage characters. (i.e. please no Frisk involved) Gaster is fine. Incest is also fine, especially if it's overly complicated selfcest where the skelebros are parts of Gaster... Gasterbation? I don't even know. Do whatever you want, weird, likeminded writer.

Rick and Morty: I only requested Morty, so, no thanks.

Lexx: Have a field day. Make a buffet out of my kinks list. Might I recommend dominate female, submissive male, and pegging as possibilities? H/C that ends in negotiated rough sex and aftercare would really hit the spot, too.

I think that does it. Thanks again for writing! I look forward to reading whatever you come up with. Have fun, and don't hesitate to ask additional questions or disregard prompts you're uncomfortable with. Optional details are optional.
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Yuletide 2014

Hello, lovely Yuletide/potential treat writer!

Is it that time of the year already? I missed nominations this year, but that hasn't stopped me from finding plenty of stuff I'm craving fic for among the tags. I love writing my yearly Yuletide fic just as much as I enjoy recieving one. If my prompts aren't working for you or you need more detail, don't hesitate to contact me with questions. So, getting right to it...

General Likes: Hurt/comfort that's brutally heavy on the hurt. Focus on characters rather than setting/worldbuilding. Plot! Having to earn a happy ending. Happy/optamistic endings. Fics that can fit neatly into canon.

Kinky Likes: Twosomes/threesomes/moresomes. Tentacles, fisting, pegging, noncon, frustration, bondage, bloodplay, sexual violence. Porn with plot.

General Dislikes: Issuefic, slice of life, fics stuck in a character's head. I'd usually say don't worry about triggering me. HOWEVER! Several months ago my estranged father killed himself, and I'm still dealing with legal stuff and people from his life who are not fond of me. Drama bomb, I know, but if you could steer clear of suicide and family stuff, that'd be great. Characters making their own family out of the people in their lives is fine, welcome even. Just no typical family stuff or family drama. I realize that in at least of these fandoms, a suicide attempt happens. Family stuff also happens. I'm not so sensitive you can't make mention of it. Just don't dwell on it or make it central to the plot, pretty please. If it's unavoidable, don't stress over it. ex. I'd sooner have fic with Kirsty and Julia than no fic because someone wasn't sure whether or not it would bother me... Anyway. Moving on!

Kinky Dislikes: (What an awkward thing to move on to. OMFG,) Anything involving bodily functions. Noncon followed up by all-healing vanilla sex. Dubcon portrayed as consensual sex. Unless there's a good reason for it, consent falling into a gray area will not turn me on. That said, sex pollen and drunken mistake sex where both parties are out-of-it is fine.

Night Watch - Kay Langrish

I loved Kay. I need more.

If you wanted to keep moving even further backward with her, I'd love to see more scenes from her life, involving Mickey and maybe her formative years. Despite the storytelling methods, I'd love some fic taking place in the future. I'd really adore some Kay/Viv. Viv just had such bad luck with men, while reading the book, I was dying to see her reluctantly fall for Kay; Kay treating her like a queen, some awkwardness and maybe working through issues at work with Helen, when everyone realizes their connectons to one another. I don't think Viv was nommed though, so no worries if that prompt isn't your thing.

I don't really want to see Kay with an OC or Mickey or get back with Helen. I'd love to see her find some happiness, even if lasting romance isn't in the cards for her. None of my darker kinks in this one please, though excplicit stuff is very welcome.

Re-Animator (1985) -  Herbert West, Daniel Cain, Megan Halsey

Oh, goodness gracious, yes. I'd love me some horror movie OT3. Barbara Crampton and Jeffery Combs; beautiful, wonderful, shining stars I adore. There's so much I'd like to see fic'd with these two, you're welcome to just run with anything.

In general, I'd like to see Megan still alive. I'd prefer her as a re-animated monster girl to timeline AU; made up of her own parts and not just her heart. Maybe Herbert has been hiding her somewhere and goes to get her once he's out of prison, as a peace offering to Daniel. Herbert and Megan both seemed to  pretty much love Daniel and resent eachother. I'd love to see those two negotiate some kind of relationship and get closer... while Daniel is just very uncomfortable with the entire thing.

Even if threesomes aren't your thing, I'd love to see these three working together. Even if it's in a platonic way.

As far as kinky stuff goes with this one... Herbert West is a pompous little dweb and has some creations that tend to attack him and I have some dark kinks that would be perfect here. So, if porn is your thing...

Feel free to work explicit stuff into any other type of fic if you'd like. Fluff, sprawling epic featuring a lot of Lovecraftian mythos, even hurt/comfort would be especially welcome. Herbert West is just one of those characters I want to see hurt or taken down a peg while alternatingly thinking they're precious and to be protected at all cost.

If you want to figure out some way to do a Re-Animator/From Beyond crossover, that could be awesome. Oh! Or even horror movie AU's or crossovers. Like, You're Next or Would You Rather, but Re-Animator characters. I'm just going on Barbara Crampton and Jeffery Combs tangents now. Not a fan of RPF, I just have a tendency to associate all their movies together in my brain.

I'm excited to see whatever you do with this particular, under-ficced fandom.

Borderlands - Handsome Jack

This one won't be expanded upon until I beat the new game. I can't imagine I won't be finished playing the Pre-Sequel by the time assignments go out. I've had a very nice Handsome Jack fic for Yuletide before, but now there's new canon to work with! I'm not 100% on what I'll want.

As far as porn goes, I can safely say some violent Nisha/Jack would be oh-so-appreciated. After the Reddit AMA, I'm pretty sold on those two.

Regular prompt incoming soon, though.

Edit: Assignments went out sooner than I'd anticipated, and I'm so busy this week. AAAGH. If this is what we matched on, a million apologies. I will aim to have something up by, at the latest, Sunday.

Edit edit: Apparently, I lied. Things got hectic at work and home.  I haven't had time to do much of anything. Hopefully, I'll have a few days to myself come Wednesday.

Edit edit edit: I finally got some days off, but I still haven't beaten the Pre-Sequel. That said, things are going about as expected. I'm nearly done with the game, but the prompt stuff I had in mind hasn't changed at all. If you matched with me on this (Unlikely, but if you did I AM SO SORRY) you deserve a prompt. I went ahead and glanced at spoilers just to check and, yeah, my prompts likely aren't gonna change.

I only really like the villains in Borderlands. I don't get the existence of the "good guys". The Pre-Sequel tried to play a bit with morality, but still didn't quite get it. It's just a crapsack universe. I'm not sure if it's the eridium or what, but there are very, very few good people... any even they're mildly insane and likely to flat out murder someone over petty disputes. Starting out, I honestly thought that's why the Hyperion respawn machines that digistruct you a new body existed... but those only seem to be used selectively and are acknowledged by characters just enough to frustrate me narratively.

So, yeah, I only like the villains, because they're treated by the narrative like all the characters should probably be treated. If anything, characters like Jack and Zarpadon seem like they started out as much nicer people than the vault hunters in previous games... Except for, I assume, Roland and a few other lawful good characters. (Most of whom end up dead.)

Since Handsome Jack is the character I requested; His grandmother tortures him with a buzzsaw growing up, it's implied his Siren daughter accidentally kills her mom... I assumed, and then all the shit in the Pre-Sequel. I'd really like to see a better character study than the Pre-Sequel. I'd love to see the whole thing played straight, with the inconsistent worldbuilding and psychopathic universe acknowledged.

Or you could just write bittersweet (or porny... or both) Jack/Nisha. I'd adore that too.

Hellraiser (es) - Julia Cotton, Kirsty Cotton

I normally request Kirsty/Pinhead most years, but there weren't many cenobites nommed this time, and... You know what? That's absolutely fine. I would absolute adore some Julia fic. She is probably my favorite villain in any horror movie ever. I just adore her.

I'd love to see what becomes of her after the movies. Hopefully, she's still living it up in the Labyrinth. It seems highly unlikely that she actually died in a place like that. Considering Kirsty seems so drawn to the Labyrinth, I'd love to see Kirsty and her cross paths again.

This is one of the rare fandoms where I love the worldbuilding as much as the characters. If you want to expand on or play with the whole Hellraiser mythos, (preferablly as it pertains to the first couple of movies) that'd be all kinds of cool.

As for Hellraiser porn... I uh... I would not say no to some badwrong, hedonistic Julia/Kirsty.

I think that's it for now! If you're the sort whole likes to Yuletide stalk, you can find me on my Tumblr occasionally. I don't fic much outside of Yuletide anymore, but you can find what I do write, here. Alternatively, you can find my shameful porn and whump id-fic account here.

Have fun!
Best Fairy Ever

Dear Yuletide Writer of 2013...

Dear Yuletide Writer (or prospective treat writer),

Hello and thank you! You have excellent taste in fandoms and are probably a pretty cool person. Worry not. I will probably love whatever you write for me. My Yuletide letters can get pretty lengthy, but that's just because I like to throw out a lot of prompts and options. Optional details are, of course, optional and, ultimately, I want you to write something you'll enjoy writing and feel you're good at. But if you're like me and prefer lots of options and specifics ...

Things I Like: I like to see action move a plot. I love character heavy stuff, but I like for them to actually be doing things. I love a good story arc. I love hurt/comfort but also love happy endings. I'm the kind of awful person who really enjoys seeing her favorite characters bloody and bruised and in turmoil but, ultimately, earn their happy ending. While I enjoy things going to dark places, I almost always prefer a happy or optimistic ending. (If one just doesn't fit the story, I'm flexible.) I like when a fic could, conceivably, fit into the canon timeline of things. I like porn with my plot.

Things I Dislike: I don't like fics that are stuck in a character's head. I don't like too much exposition or exposition-heavy worldbuilding. I don't really care for fics with moments based on real world issues the writer feels strongly about. (ex. Fic passes the Bechdel Test? Neat. Two women shoehorned into scene specifically there to pass Bechdel Test? I appreciate what you're going for, but I'd rather not.) I generally don't like fics that meander, where nothing happens or is accomplished.

Things I Like (that are of a sexual nature): Just skip this if you don't plan on writing sex. I always love a side of porn with my plot but can absolutely live without it. On the off chance you do want to include something sexual in your fic... I'll go ahead and get it out of the way that I do really like non-con. It is, perhaps, my biggest fic kink. If that is a major "Nope." for you, go ahead and skip down to the second paragraph. I always feel sort of awful requesting it, but... if you're someone who enjoys writing that sort of thing, I could go for it in literally all of my requests (With the exception of Hellraiser. Go figure.) with Jesse, Matt Miller, or Robert, respectively. Like with my hurt/comfort preferences, I do need that comfort and recovery and/or optimistic ending. It also seems worth mentioning that I don't want the rapist to be a likable character.

In more general terms, my tastes lean a little rough. (With the exception of Hellraiser. Go figure... I could seriously see myself going for something considerate and gentle with Kirsty/Pinhead or Joey/Dreamer.) I love dominate women and submissive men. I don't really enjoy men penetrating women in fiction but cunnilingus, fingering, and/or pegging are all encouraged. I don't like gore for the sake of gore, but I'm totally fine with some Hellraiser-style pain/pleasure. I enjoy f/f, f/m, m/m, solo, twosomes, threesomes, moresomes. I absolutely do not want anything with anyone underage and, despite enjoying noncon, I usually don't enjoy fics where consent is questionable. (Given the nature of the movies, dubcon would probably be fine in Hellraiser, though.)

Random Other Things: Do you engage in traditional Yuletide stalking? If you do, you may have noticed that I don't really use this blog outside of Yuletide. You can find me slightly more active here:

And as a, shot in the dark general prompt for a Hellraiser or Bioshock Infinite crossover - the video game Outlast holds the distinction of being this year's fandom I discovered right after nominations ended. Just saying. If you like either of those things and also Outlast (and also crossovers)... that sounds like a good time.


Breaking Bad
[Jesse Pinkman]

Oh, I miss Breaking Bad so much already. I loved how character-driven it was. I love how the story didn't waste the viewer's time with dozens of plots that went nowhere. The character development was spectacular. It was a great show... But now it's over and I need some damn closure for Jesse.

I need Jesse fic. I need to know what he did and where he went. Did he go to Alaska? Did he say bye to his parents? To Brock? Did the police catch up to him? Does he settle down? Start a family? Begin a lucrative career in making small, wooden boxes? I NEED TO KNOW!

I'm craving some post-Breaking Bad Jesse-centric fic. That said, flashbacks are more than welcome. I'd definitely like to know more about his time with the Nazis and see more interaction with Todd. Todd was... interesting. I'd like to, maybe, see what happened to some of the other characters; whether it's on the evening news or because he too gets caught up in all the legal fallout Walt left behind.

I really want a happy ending for Jesse. Poor dude has some psychological and physical scars by this point, and I would like to see him work through that. I'd like to see him come to terms with the bad things he's done, with Andrea and Jane's deaths and with his relationship with Walt. I really loved hearing the whole talk about self-acceptance in Problem Dog. Is he going to try to forget everything that happened or does it still influence his life? In a bad way? In a constructive way? Both?

Walt/Jesse squicks me a bit, so none of that, please. I'd like hearing more about their relationship, but only as mentor/father figure/...archnemesis.


Saints Row

I love what Saints Row has become. As fun as Saints Row 2 was, I didn't need another GTA. I didn't want to brutally murder anyone who looked at me funny and bury people alive. I love that the focus has shifted to fun. I love the satire and poking fun at romanticizing gang culture and celebrity worship. I love that the characters (mostly) care about and support each other.

I didn't request any specific character, because I couldn't pick just one. I'd be equally happy with an ensemble fic or a fic featuring any combination of characters. I realize they were a play on Mass Effect romances, but I honestly really liked having casual sex with my homies. I'd enjoy seeing that carried over into fic. Threesomes, impromptu orgies, even some committed/sweet polyamory would be welcome.

I think the Boss is awesome. In my own personal headcanon they're a dissociative psychopath working through their issues. They switch genders and adopt personas like some people swap hair colors. They frequent Image as Designed and no one really says anything, because it's the Boss. Whatever helps them manage. At least they're not locking young women in trunks at destruction derbies. More fun, less mercy killing. I'd love to see the many faces of the Boss worked into fic; humorously or seriously or even just in passing.

I prefer female!Boss because that's what I normally play. My favorite Boss is Russian Boss, but I've played through the various games as Latina Boss, French Boss, Southern Belle Boss, and Laura Bailey!Boss. (Laura Bailey!Boss is probably my least favorite.) I've played co-op with my boyfriend while he was zombie Boss, Nolan North Boss, and Cockney Boss.

Out of the nominated homies, Asha and Matt are my current favorites. Asha is such a badass, and Matt is such a dork. I wouldn't mind a fic featuring these two or even having them as the focus. Maybe an MI6 mission or something. Asha feels responsible for her hacker, and I thought that was precious. I'd probably prefer them as friends, but I'm honestly up for any pairing in this fandom.

I also nominated Johnny Gat this year, just because I loved him with the Boss. God help me, I thought their "romance" was heartwarming. I'd be happy seeing them together as kind of the parents of the Saints, together in some sort of cute, weird, domestic open relationship of sorts.

As for the other nominated characters, I wouldn't mind seeing Shaundi getting past her anger issues now that Gat's back. I really love Kinzie with Oleg, though I realize he wasn't nominated and, again, am more than happy with any combination of relationships in this particular fandom.

Wow. That was a wall of prompts. Sorry about that. Overall, I'm good with something that captures the mood of SR3 & 4 or even something more serious. (Or something in-between.) I'd like it if it took place post-SR4, though. I'm assuming they used the time machine to restore Earth. Maybe they're exploring the universe or traveling through time or just back home. Whatever strikes your fancy, dear writer.



This is one of those things I request every year and have yet to recieve. Hellraiser 2 is my favorite horror movie of all time. I could write you a rambling, 100 page manifesto about how much I love Hellraiser. I won't, because that would be both unnecessary and creepy... but I could. I will, however, wax fangirl for just a bit about the things I enjoy about the Hellraiser universe.

I really like the universe as it's captured in the first two movies. I love the idea of this alternate, alien dimension where there live acolytes of a hedonistic religious order dedicated to the flesh, to the extremes of pain and pleasure. I love that desire calls the cenobites, that they come to people who "want" to be there, people who are bored or desensitized or longing and curious. I loved that they wouldn't take Tiffany even though she opened the box ("It is not hands that summon us.")  but suspect Kirsty belongs with them. ("Didn't open the box.' And what was it last time, 'Didn't know what the box was?' And yet, we do keep finding each other, don't we?"/"Oh, Kirsty. So eager to play, so reluctant to admit it.") I love my cenobites orderly and morally ambiguous.

At the same time, I like that these are people who were all something else once. An eternity of pain and pleasure can get old and a lot of the cenobites seem to have a human side that they can tap into and occasionally miss.

I ship Kirsty/Pinhead. I feel like they both have something the other wants; Pinhead misses his humanity/Kirsty is drawn to the Labyrinth more than she cares to admit to herself. As much as I dislike the later movies, I wouldn't mind seeing Kirsty pulling something like in 6 and calling the cenobites in for some sort of bargain or favor.

I didn't request any particular characters for this, though. I'd be happy with anything set in this universe. I adore Julia. I'd love to see what she went on to after losing her skin yet again. Is Channard still around? I see that I'm not the only one requesting Hellraiser this year and that Joey and Dreamer got nominated too. Something with those two would also be totally welcome. Friendship between the two would be fine, but I do ship them, so if you want to run with that, by all means.

The only things I ask that you stay away from are some of the silly changes I felt the movies did. I hate the cenobites as regular old slasher villains. I hate them as denizens of a Christian Hell, there to judge people for their sins. I much prefer the Labyrinth as a place people just perceive as Hell.

Also, if you want to cross over with some other Clive Barker works, I'm cool with that. (Cabal/Nightbreed, Weaveworld, ect) Most of them seem pretty interconnected.


Bioshock Infinite
[Robert Lutece, Rosiland Lutece]

I liked Bioshock Infinite but didn't love it... Which is, apparently, a very unpopular opinion to have anywhere. I keep running into gamers who insist people criticizing the game are just doing so because it's popular. Honestly, I was pretty underwhelmed. Putting aside all my irrelevant grievances with the gameplay, I liked the worldbuilding but didn't care for the main characters. I never felt very strongly about Booker and, for whatever reason, the game never successfully endeared me to Elizabeth. I wasn't wowed by the story either, maybe because alternate universes aren't exactly new to me. Meh.

So why request Bioshock Infinite? Luteces. OMFG, Luteces. Two of my favorite characters ever to show up in a video game: Luteces.
The Luteces made the game for me. I love their personalities, I love their banter, I love them. I also love Lutecest, but if Rosiland/Robert isn't your thing, a caring relationship as "siblings" is fine.

Alternate universes are nothing new to me, but that's because I love 'em. They're one of my favorite things to see and use in fic, and I definitely wouldn't be against seeing one here. I'd like to see Robert and Rosalind more vulnerable, without their space time powers. I'd love to see them in the middle of the action, out of their element but intelligent; whether this is pre-them becoming unstuck in time or them being metroided in some perilous AU. Maybe they run into an alternate version(s) of themselves. A creepy AU (Of any sort, not just shot in the dark!Outlast prompt up above.) might be neat, but whatever you feel you can write best is what I'd prefer.

Again, I definitely ship these two. I find them fluffily, romantically narcissistic. If you can stand to write them together, please do. If you don't care for Lutecest, I'd be equally happy with their relationship portrayed like it is in the game.


Whew. I think that's it. Happy writing, dear Yuletide writer! Have fun and thanks again!
Best Fairy Ever

Yuletide 2012!

Dear Yuletide writer-person,

It's that time of the year again! Huzzah! Welcome to my letter and know that anything you write for me will always be appreciated. If you bothered to come visit this letter, I very probably love you already. NOW DON'T LET ME DOWN. Just kidding, you can't let me down. Really, you can't.

General Likes: Most of all, I love plot. I like a story with an arc, conflict, resolution.I like it when a fic could, conceivably, be canon. I like it when characters move a story rather than exposition and events. I like well-written drama and angst, so long as things end on a happy or optimistic note. I like hurt/comfort (not whump). I like humor, dark or otherwise, and I definitely don't mind some humor in aforementioned drama, angst, and/or hurt/comfort. I like characters to earn their happy ending. I like some porn with my plot.

General Dislikes: I'm not a fan of OOCness to suit a plot. I don't like it when the entire fic is stuck inside a character's head. i.e. I don't like stream of consciousness fics that meander off into nowhere without any structure.  I dislike it when nothing happens in a fic and nothing is explained or accomplished. I'm probably not overly fond of straight-up character studies. (Though I do absolutely adore thoughtful explorations of characters.)

As mentioned before, I do enjoy some porn or sexual themes with my plot. So, if you plan on including those.

Likes: Whatever gender with whatever other gender. Solo. Twosomes. Threesomes. Moresomes. Romance. Flings. BDSM. Women taking the dominate role. Pegging. In fiction. I do really enjoy (fictional) dubcon or noncon and torture of a sexual nature. That said, I definitely don't want any characters I requested and like turned into rapists. In a fandom like Hellraiser, dubcon is probably okay.

Dislikes: Anything underage. And, ya know, fetishes that aren't my own... So, obviously, don't throw something random about feet or urine in there. While I do like rough sex and torture and some... really awful things... I'm not into guro. I like sex in my violence but don't find the violence itself erotic. Explaining what I meant got lengthy. So, here: Here's a Hellraiser/Nightbreed video I made once. That. I like that.



I'd love some Handsome Jack backstory.

I enjoyed Borderlands 2 and will probably continue to enjoy it on subsequent playthroughs. I was Zer0 and the boyfriend was Salvador the first time around. We had a pretty good time... But both of us were pretty underwhelmed by the plot.

The original vault hunters became near-helpless. The main plot got driven along by busy work. There was so much more that could have been done and so many plotholes left behind, because they didn't... TBH, when I heard there would be more story in this one, I might have raised my expectations a wee bit high for a gun porn game.

Despite the (imo) lackluster writing, Borderlands still has an interesting universe and a lot of colorful characters that I love. The best story-related part of Borderlands 2, for me, was Jack... Which might have been part of why the story sort of floundered for my boyfriend and I. Neither of us ever felt much motivation to kill him. He was our favorite part of the plot. We didn't want to kill our favorite part of the plot.

I've seen a lot of fan theories about how he was lying about Angel's mother and possibly murdered her to use Angel to further his own goals. He didn't love Angel, he just hated losing his key.

That only leaves me with more questions and makes the character a little too one dimensional for my taste.  I'm inclined to believe that he did love Angel, that he had a wife that he probably also loved, and that Angel's powers did, unintentionally, kill her mother and disfigure her father. That just makes more sense to me; that he might have grown to love and hate Angel at the same time. That, driven by people treating him like a nobody, he started making excuses for the progressively awful things he did.

I'd love a fic that explored those events and the psychology of them. Hell, if you have theories of your own, write about them instead.

For further fic-writing fuel, there are tons of questions I'd like to see answered: What did he do before Hyperion? What was up with the grandma issues? (all Grandma's framed pictures and disciplinary buzz axe made me curious) How the hell did he blackmail his way to the top? What was up with the vault symbol on his face? What was the deal with the  New-U stations? Hyperion made them, so why didn't the head of Hyperion respawn? Did he? He didn't seem to think he would. Did Angel block his information from it? Agh! I NEED ANSWERS!

And then there's the universe the game is set in. 99.9% of people in this universe seem to be absolutely deplorable. Jack was a bad dude, but so is most everyone else. And Pandora does need order. Probably not the kind Jack was going for, but it felt like the game was gearing up to explore the morality of that just a little more. Where's the line drawn? Is there a line? Does Jack genuinely believe he's the hero of the story? Is there any truth to that, or is he just insane and delusional?

So... Yeah. Hopefully there's something to work with in all that rambling. sorry about that. If you want to skip to events during or post game, I'm fine with that. I'm craving backstory somewhere in there, though. No happy or optimistic ending necessary for this particular prompt.


Kirsty Cotton: I didn't open the box!
Female Cenobite: "Didn't open the box." And what was it last time, "Didn't know what the box was?" And yet, we do keep finding each other, don't we?
Pinhead: Oh, Kirsty. So eager to play, so reluctant to admit it.

I really like the idea that Kirsty is drawn to the Cenobites and that Pinhead, missing the humanity he lost, is sort of drawn to her, too.

Just sticking to the movies, 1 and 2 are two of my favorite films of all time. Everything after that just ranged from "Meh." to "Uuugh." (Though, I did rather like seeing Kirsty make a deal with the Cenobites later in life.) So as not to complicate things, I'd prefer just sticking to the movies. To simplify them further, you could even ignore all but the first two, if you wanted. I've read the novella, the short story anthology, a good number of the comics. I've soldiered through every film... except Revelations. Things get sort of muddled and contradictory throughout, obviously. My very favorite canon is the one that exists within the first two movies.

I really dislike how the movies kept painting the Cenobites more and more like generic villains or as the judges of souls. I like that "desire calls them". I like it when people are the villains and the Cenobites are just doing their job. I love my  Cenobites amoral. I prefer them as "explorers in the further regions of experience. Demons to some. Angels to others."

Similarly, I prefer the Labyrinth as a place people perceive as Hell, and not as an actual Christian Hell. Their world is so interesting and I wouldn't be at all opposed to taking some creative license to delve deeper into it. Include the Order of the Gash, if you want. The idea of strict, religious otherworldly hedonism gets my imagination all sorts of excited.

I'd love something exploring Kirsty's relationship with the Cenobites, especially Pinhead. And viceversa, what Pinhead sees in Kirsty. It doesn't have to be sexual and/or romantic(?)... but I do rather ship them. So, if you want to include something along those lines, I'd love it.


Not much more to say on this one, aside from what was already in the optional details. It's one of my standard requests from fic exachanges that I will keep occasionally throwing out until it gets filled. And, when and if that happens, maybe even after.

Owen/David/Fox is my OT3/OT4/OTwhatever. I love the characters individually. I love their living arrangement. They are all badasses. They would make the very best of power threesomes... I'm not sure if power threesome is a thing... Is it a thing? It should be a thing.

I wouldn't mind some action and excitement in this fic. And, while I didn't mean anything sexual by that, sex-type-happenings would also be much appreciated.

If you don't care for threesomes, I wouldn't mind something with just Owen and Xanatos. It seems like there would be more slash with those two than there is. Once I flirted with the idea of making a fanvid of them. (Warning: Awesome 90's music.)

Other than that, I wouldn't mind something Owen/Puck-centric. It goes for all three scenerios, but I'd love Owen getting some much deserved appreciation and thanks for everything he does for that family.


Well, I think that about covers it. Godspeed, Yuletide writer-person! I look forward to seeing what you write.
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Mordschiff: Beginnings

A/N: Was supposed to be a drabble. Apparently, I can't drabble. This was still written rather quickly, though. So, no harm done, I guess.

This takes place in one of the universes from my Multiverse is Metal series. Not that you need to read that to get this. I just wanted to put Metalocalypse in a steampunk setting, because... gears, klok. Also, it's a setting in which I can put pirates. On airships. And fictional pirates are, at least, 50% cooler when given an airship.

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Simklok: Friendship is Deth

I'm back! And not that there's much of a narrative, but in case you feel the need to read the others:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I'm posting this to my journal this time and using a fake cut. Partly to better keep track of it. Partly, because I'm about to xpost, at least, one part to (unsurprising spoiler alert) Brutal Business.

And without further ado...

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